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About Future Cartographic

Future Cartographic is a platform for exploring place and time at the neighborhood level. Through activities including walks, fiction writing, poetry, and mapmaking, it asks questions about the past, present and future, such as:  

  • How has history shaped this place for good or for ill?

  • What is our neighborhood really like today? What do we take for granted that might be shaping our lives in unseen ways? 

  • How might we describe a future utopia on this ground 200 years from now?

  • What are we doing today to play our role in a new history that contributes to that utopian vision?   

By working out of generosity toward those who will inhabit our neighborhoods in 200 years, we may be better able to set aside self-interest. On a 200 year time scale, our neighborhoods will most likely be inhabited by immigrants from traditions yet to be formed.

Erik Moe 

Future Cartographic is a project of writer and artist Erik Moe. Erik has worked alongside and learned from community arts practitioners in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, D.C., and across the United States over the past 20 years. He was a 2016 Halcyon Arts Lab Fellow, a 2015 National Arts Strategies Creative Community Fellow, and a recipient of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities Fellowship. He also works professionally as an independent editor and communications advisor to small businesses and nonprofits. [ Learn more at Erik's website ➤ ]   

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